Who we are

The Future Kind Collective exists to build a world that is kinder, fairer and more creative, where all people have the opportunity to do great things.

Our vision is to build people-centric companies that are diverse and inclusive, where wellbeing is respected and protected. The way we build businesses needs to change and The Future Kind Collective is here to lead the way.


Our mission is to prove that by putting people and purpose first, you can create businesses that are more profitable, impactful and equitable. 


Our approach is grounded in service design, balancing the bigger picture with the finer details needed to make a company thrive. We work with bold, like-minded businesses to equip them with the skills they need to unlock their power and grow their impact.






We bonded over our shared values, which focused on inspiring and empowering people, supporting our communities and creating futures that will truly leave the world in a better place than how we found it. 


We both felt that traditional consulting didn’t allow for us to pursue this due to the common tendency towards prioritising profit over people, and we wanted to flip that dynamic which led us to start dreaming of a new way of consulting together. 


It was then that The Future Kind Collective was born.

We’re a team,

not a transaction 

The Future Kind Collective is the brainchild of Alicia and Nat - two service designers with a passion for expanding the potential of people and organisations.


We met when Alicia joined the same design company as Nat in 2018, where we were fortunate enough to work together on strategic projects focused on service design, culture change and ways of working. 


During this time, and over many coffees and wines, we realised that there were patterns emerging in the needs of our clients and that we were spookily aligned in our drive to create positive change. 

Meet Alicia

After starting out in the art world, Alicia applied her creative thinking to the marketing, design and strategies of SMEs and start-ups. 


Throughout her career, Alicia has worked closely with business founders and has been instrumental in the successful launch of products and services to international markets. She has led the development of government programmes that embed service design capabilities in organisations, helping them to grow their impact through better understanding their consumers and establishing customer-centric cultures. 


Alicia has led projects with Design Council UK, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, BP, The Spectator, ITV, NHS, and Pizza Hut Digital Ventures. 

Meet Nat

Nat started her career in digital strategy at The Royal Bank of Scotland, where she applied service design approaches to the strategic development of the NatWest mobile banking app. 


In 2016, she joined SPARCK, a design consultancy, as their third employee, where she was influential in shaping and growing it into a mature organisation. Nat took the SPARCK culture from words into action, developing rituals and systems to embed their values into everything they do. As a result, culture was consistently rated as the number one reason that people continued to work there, and why candidates were attracted to apply. 


Nat has led projects with varied clients including Insights, Amnesty International, BP, Vocalink (of MasterCard), DVSA, Fidelity, HSBC, ITV and Pizza Hut.

Anti-racist. Anti-hate.

The Future Kind Collective is an anti-racist and anti-hate organisation. 

This means that we are committed to tackling structural and institutionalised racism and discrimination through our work. It means that, as we shape and grow our company, we will review all of our decisions and processes through a lens of diversity and inclusion, seeking external counsel wherever possible. 


We will use our voice, platform and privilege to be an active ally to all communities that are under attack from white supremacy and the patriarchy. 

We won’t always get it right. But we will hold ourselves accountable, and we will learn and grow towards our pursuit of creating a kinder and fairer future. 

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